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Nan Zhang (nann3r5)
Flew the Ottawa (YOW) to Victoria (YVR) direct flight on Saturday. Everything went smoothly, the flight was only 60% full to Victoria and I ended up having an entire row to myself. On the return trip, plane was fuller at 70-80% capacity. Thus, I sat in the middle seat 💺 with my head on one side and my legs on the other. Pro tip: select the window seat in an empty row and Bring Your Own Snacks😝
adaugean furlani
Everything you need from a low cost flight plus a great and Nice crew. Clean aircraft. I recomend
I will use Flair air again and again! The flight was right on time. It was also very smooth, in terms of service and flying. 10/10, would book again.
First time flying with flair airlines. Returning Home from Vancouver to Ontario. First impressions was a mixture. The flight it self was very smooth and comfortable. As a bigger Guy myself I found more leg room then then you would usually have on a standard economy seat and found that to be very comfortable and enjoyable for a long distance flight. The flight staff were very friendly and helpful and presented themselves in a very professional manner. Our flight was late arriving to the gate for boarding by 10-20 min, however I’m not the kind of person to get upset over being a little late. Once we did board the flight crew had a issue with the flight path with the control tower which ultimately left us sitting in the plane at the gate for a extended hour. Once again I wasn’t in a hurry and would rather our flight be safe then get all angry…. Because let’s face it getting angry doesn’t help any situation and isn’t going to speed anything up. Eventually we did get going and we were only about 1.5 hours late. Some of the things to be mindful of is the cost of the flight may be cheap if your travelling lightly….. meaning no check bags or carry ons. If you need to bring a carry on or check a bag your looking at $50+ for each. You are still allowed to bring your personal bag/ computer bag which can fit under your seat for free. Remember to check in online and not the at the airport. If you check in at the airport they will charge $25 per passenger. No free inflight snack or Drink, all come at a cost. No cash excepted only credit cards. Overall I would fly with Flair again, their staff was friendly and professional, the flight had lots of legroom (for me as a bigger guy) and we arrived safe and sound after a very smooth flight. Win Win. Would definitely recommend Flair airlines.